w460 24 volt wiring diagram?

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 Converting my 12v w460 to 24 volt full kit from another w460 model. Already changed all relays, lamps, motors etc.
and last noticeded that 12v has diferent instrument panel. :)
12v: http://i.ebayimg.com/t/MERCEDES-G-GE-GD-1979-W460-KOMBIINSTRUMENT-COCKPIT-instrument-cluster-/00/s/MTQ3MlgxNTAw/$(KGrHqR,!h!FBk,oy2NcBQZ03H,E7w~~60_1.JPG
24v: http://i.ebayimg.com/t/MERCEDES-G-KLASSE-W460-W461-KOMBIINSTRUMENT-NEU-/00/s/MTIwMFgxNjAw/$(KGrHqZ,!k4FB0(90bV4BQl+S5PDsQ~~60_1.JPG
They are different, 12v has all wires conected to each lamp. I found http://www.fourbyfourclub.com/ wiring diagrams, but they all works for 12v not 24v. Maybe somebody can help with 24volt electric wiring diagram?
Also maybe somebody did that conversation and know, all will work? Does instrument panel show motor temperature(i think it must work 6-24volt) and will show corectly fuel?
Only glow plugs will be 12v, because I swaped in my opinion best motor om605 2.5td and om602 has different glow plugs 24volt. Don`t know does cdi shares same glow plugs, because I heard that cdi has 24volt motors.


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Re: w460 24 volt wiring diagram?

 Hello Casper,

As a club, we struggle for normal wiring diagrams let alone have access to a 24V system.  It may cost some money but I will try without promising anything to source you one.


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Re: w460 24 volt wiring diagram?

Are you sorted with this, or do you still require help?

PM me with you email address and i may be able to help you