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What Would Santa Drive?

Top Speed G-Class - Thu, 24/12/2015 - 04:00

This just in! With Christmas day only a few hours away, Santa’s sleigh just got stolen and Mr.Claus developed a sudden fear of flying. Billions of people around the world are in danger of not getting their Christmas presents this year!

Okay, I’m kidding, but let’s imagine what Santa would do if he couldn’t travel the world in his reindeer-powered sleigh. He’d probably have to drive, and assuming he doesn’t already own a vehicle (he obviously wouldn’t need one with the flying sleigh usually at his disposal), he would need to find the proper means of transportation on land.

So what would Mr.Claus drive?

Given he hauls a lot of stuff, cargo space is definitely a priority. His vehicle of choice should also have to come with all-wheel drive, as Santa encounters all sorts of terrains during his journey around the world. Finally, it should also be fast because, as you may know, Santa needs to get the job done in only 24 hours.

Granted, none of the vehicles available today would be up for such a mission, but should the reindeer go on strike on Christmas or should Santa decide that the open-roof sleigh gets way too chilly, he would need a helping hand in finding the best car to travel around the around. And TopSpeed is here to help!

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Top 5 Civilian Vehicles Originally Designed For Military Use

Top Speed G-Class - Wed, 11/11/2015 - 10:00

Can we take a moment to remember our wheeled veterans as well? Why, certainly! Just as the worst of times can bring out the best in men, the grim business of conflict often results in some outstanding machinery. When the dust settles and peace thankfully returns, many military vehicles make their way into private life, and just like the war heroes who made use of them, they put their talents to use in peacetime as well.

It’s no surprise that many decommissioned military vehicles find their way into the private sector. The qualities that make a car or truck attractive to the armed forces also draw civilian customers, as they’re designed to be rugged, easily serviced and long-lived in the face of unimaginable abuse. Many gained popularity after World War II, when returning soldiers who had experience with vehicles like the Jeep returned home and wanted a peacetime vehicle that embodied the same qualities. In some cases, a factory already tooled up to produce wartime trucks was simple to convert to civilian usage to meet demand. Still others have continued as simple evolution to a great design. They’ve come a long way and evolved a great deal since their military origins, but here are a few of the vehicles plying the streets today that got their start serving in the Armed Forces.

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