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GWOA flyer

It has been suggested that we have a downloadable GWOA flyer that you can print at home/work to put on G Wagen windscreens if you want to. May I suggest that you only try this on stationary G Wagen's. smiley

PDF's print on A4.

4 flyers per A4 sheet.

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[Membership] Grateful for the use of the GWOA website


GWOA Website Update


Website Forum User profile update

 Changes are being made to the user profile shown on each Forum Post.

Treffen 2013 Report

 Having looked at the pictures on the gallery pages of the 2012 Teffen in Austria, I was keen to attend the 2013 event. When the event was announced I quickly filled out the application forms to try and get a place. There were 26 places available for g wagen owners. About 3 weeks later I received an e mail from S-Tec confirming my place on the event and at this point the planning began.

Just dug out some old photo's frm 82-85

I have just found some old photo's i took nearly 30 years ago.They show various " G's" that we used in a couple of 4x4 events around east Yorkshire....i wondered if anyone recognises any of the cars shown......




I bought a dashcam 2

I give up,  two prangs in a week

Just bought a dashcam!!

 I bought a dashcam on Saturday because I'm fed up with idiots doing dumb stuff in my path. What I didn't see coming was this prang on my drive, my missus reversed into the side of my G. Fifteen feet of drive width wasn't enough. And wait for this.  "It wasn't parked there yesterday"
give me strength

Blowing HOT or COLD.

Given the consistently fine and warm weather we have had since the clocks went forward; should this continue and the anticipated warm, summer with the expected drought forecasts.  Not, that will bother you, when you enjoy the pleasures of your G - driving.

The tendency to turn your heater settings to cold for the rest of summer will not concern you in the least, that when winter arrives, and turning your heating settings back to hot again; you may find that the air would be blowing cold.

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