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G Wagon 560 conversion gearing issues...

Hi all,

does anybody know  of any solutions to the gearing problems with the  560 V8 Conversion?

buying my first g wagon

I have along story and if anyone wishes me to write it up in full i will

Its all and all and the boring technical

It will drone on for ages with a few miss spelt words and no start and finish paragraphs. It will go on from one thing and perhaps back again

This would be my full g history and mods i have done

Let e know if you want me to write it up

Pm me if you do

turbo conversion

Hi guys
New member and 1st blog. My g is a w463 of 1993 vintage with the 6 cylinder diesel engine. Although it's much faster than the 5 cylinder engine I've had before I would like to fit a turbo. Can anyone help with this. Where can I find the bits how much extra hp can I get and what will it cost

Yeee haaa!

Joes new ride (it's a G underneath)

Now here's a G I could see Joe driving


Everybody's buying 500

Everybody seems to be buying 500. Any other members bought 500?

Treffen 2013 Report

 Having looked at the pictures on the gallery pages of the 2012 Teffen in Austria, I was keen to attend the 2013 event. When the event was announced I quickly filled out the application forms to try and get a place. There were 26 places available for g wagen owners. About 3 weeks later I received an e mail from S-Tec confirming my place on the event and at this point the planning began.

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