The Association was formed to bring together G Wagen and Mercedes Benz off road vehicle enthusiasts, to share knowledge and experiences and to have fun.   So, if you are a G Wagen Owner, a G Wagen enthusiast, own one of the other 4x4 Mercedes Benz vehicles or are just plain nosey, then this is the site for you!

The G Wagen Owners Association is almost 20 years old.   To find out how, when and where it was formed click here.

We have a forum which has lots of information in, collected from postings over the last 15 years.   Non-members have read only access.   You can post on some areas of the forum by applying to become a forum member, which is free.   To join as a forum member click here.

To gain access to all the areas of the forum, you must join as a club member.   This will cost £25 regardless of where you live.   Part of your membership fee will be used to maintain and run the website.    Club Members get other benefits too.   You will have access to trained and qualified technical staff to answer your questions and help with your problems.   They can also help provide technical literature to assist you make a repair, or service your vehicle.    You will have access to the club calendar which shows forthcoming events within the club and other events which may be of interest to members.   You will be able to contact our regional representatives who are specially elected to provide a shoulder to cry on if it all goes wrong, or, more often, someone to talk G Wagens to and to help you get the support you need.   You will also get 4 newsletters every year, just to let you know that we’re still here.   If that’s not enough we’ll send you a lot of free goodies in your “Welcome Pack”, and while stocks last we are also giving away a GWOA Hi Viz vest while stocks last.

To join click here.

Members can also post their pictures in the Gallery so that other club members can see them.   They will eventually turn up in the slide show on this page.

If you want to know more, then contact the Association chairman by sending an e-mail to chairman@gwoa.co.uk.


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we have a G400 despite having a full tank of diesel when the indicator in car shows approx half a tank the engine stops running does any member have any idea what is causing this problem

Service and repairs G55

Hello, I recently brought my beloved G55 from Norway to the uk, it requires a major service and some repairs for rust and engine mounts. Could someone please recommend a good place to take the car near Surrey or London? Not MB World please!!!





Can anyone please clarify exactly when the G500 had the interior Dashboard layout on the 463. Was it in 1999 or 2000.  Is, looking to PX my 463 300GD for a 2000 model G500 Grand Edition and the layout is very similar to my 1992 model 463. 

G500 sleeping platform

I tried to aquire a cargo/sleeping platform for the G500 and could not get any change from £1000 from MB. I did see some really good unique designer platforms, but they just seemed to take the multi function remit a little too far.

300DT or 300TD


G Wizz Issue 2 1995


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