sunroof fuse??

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 Dose any one know the sunroof fuse number..??? I need to temperarily disconect mine. Thank you..

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Re: sunroof fuse??

Gav Helme is bound to. The man is a genius when it comes to things like that

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Re: sunroof fuse??

 I am trying to buy that info from M/Benz but have had and am still having problems downloading the info.

Till then why not remove a fuse at at time to find which it is, there is the possibility if you get the Radio fuse the Radio will need re-coding so make sure that, you have the radio code at hand; I am guessing fuse 7 or 11.

I think Radio, cigar lighter and sunroof are on the same fuse.


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Re: sunroof fuse??


Sorry for the delay...missed the post!!

This is a nightmare to find!!!

Your fuse / relay box is obviously under the N/S dash / footwell area.

The relay portion has 16 spaces and the main fuse board has 28 spaces.

The Sunroof fuse is located in a separate panel on the bottom right of the main fuse board.
There is space for several options or accessories.
It should be Fuse 'A' and is a 15 amp blade fuse.
A is the first from the left. 
Then come spaces for the other options etc.

Hope this helps