lpg underchassis tanks for a 1987 280GE

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Hi Guys.  I have a 280GE lwb auto that's currently doing 12mpg or 8 towing !   I would like to fit some undersill lpg tanks from a Land Rover but have been told the G sits too low. Do any members have any knowledge of doing this, raising the suspension. What expense and problems are involved in going this route ?  Seems a shame to think about a diesel engine but the cost of fuel is killing me !  Has anyone experience of running hydrogen cells ?

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Re: lpg underchassis tanks for a 1987 280GE

you can run underslung cylinders with no problems, I did on a swb without having to raise the vehicle provided of course you do not intend to do much serious off roading. Getting the lpg to run properly is another issue altogether though.  

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Re: lpg underchassis tanks for a 1987 280GE

Can anyone advise on which system to use on the G? Mine is a 1984 280GE and I have an LPG kit from another vehicle here which I think may be suitable with perhaps the connection to the injection system altering.

The kit includes an R90E Vaporizer rated to 200bhp, switchover/fuel meter kit etc . The ECU is a 6 cylinder PITAGORA (Italian) unit which I believe to be quite popular. I also have two LPG tanks (one full!) of dimensions 244mm (diameter) x1200mm (length).both rated at 52L each.

If anyone can provide a list of basic components I need to check for I would appreciate it.

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Re: lpg underchassis tanks for a 1987 280GE

Check out the lpg.co.uk forum all the information you require is there. My advice will be to book an appointment with an LPG installer. Do a search for LPG here there are  recommended  installers listed.

LPG on older engines is not that economical,  you also need to factor in the weight of the tanks on an already heavy vehicle.