having to renew password every visit

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richard bruford
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Every time i try to visit the GWOA site i find my password is not recognised bespite getting my browser to remember it and have to reset it for access.Once i log off the same thing happens again. I have tried typing it in myself . same thing password or username not recognised. can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong. I have never managed to get access to members areas in the 3 years i have been a member either and have started to post on other mercedes forums that remember me. membership no.1463. Cheers richard

Maxwell Smart
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Re: having to renew password every visit

When you say not recognised, do you mean that you need to reset your password each time or that the settings to automatically remember your password don't work?

The membership problem is probably because our membership secretary doesn't have your forum details tied to your registration details. He's away at the moment but should be back later this week and I will chase him on the membership issue. Can you please PM me the email address that he would have you registered with.