Whoops! G wagen use within M25 LEZ London

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Re: Whoops! G wagen use within M25 LEZ London
Cripes! That's eye watering! It seems too easy to fall into a similar trap. Probably best to keep well clear, park in Yorkshire and hitch-hike to the Great Wen.
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Re: Whoops! G wagen use within M25 LEZ London

That's totally outrageous, and legalised extortion.

Too many authorities rack up these charges and rapidly sell them to debt collectors, who arbitrarily add costs and interests to make their cut for harassing you.   If you have never received the original demand, you should not be liable for increases in the fines imposed by such collectors.  And if you appeal and are ignored, start adding your own admin charges to the correspondence straight away to get their attention.

I am glad it got sorted and waived.  All because they categorised the G as a commercial vehicle,,, that is surely recorded incorrectly at DVLA, which is where the authority should get the data in the first place, but only works I suppose for UK cars.  Someone presumably made a value judgement as to what type of vehivle it was, manually.  How would they not put it in the same bracket as a LandRover or other SUV like RangeRover?