Warm Up Regulator W460 2.8 Petrol

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Received this email from AutoDoc about finding a Warm Up Regulator:

Dear Customer! Thank you for contacting us. According to the provided VIN code WDB46023327042722, the item 0 438 140 057 BOSCH is not suitable for your vehicle and should be only original one. The OEM part number is 110 070 00 62. Best regards, Autodoc Team


The original number came from Bosch themselves stating that they don't supply them anymore.

Any idea where I can order a Warm Up Regulator from?



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Re: Warm Up Regulator W460 2.8 Petrol

there are plenty of other vehicles that used this 280 engine, S class, w123, the w107 sl, try a breaker

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Re: Warm Up Regulator W460 2.8 Petrol


check the bosch automotive catalogue

scroll down and apparently, it's still available as a refurbished unit, via Bosch Classic:



Bosch order number: 0 438 140 057
Description Current product
Tradition 0438140057
Designation Warm-up regulator
Production discontinuation 03/2005
Product information 1:1 REMAN: Refurbishing via www.bosch-classic.com
Article status Discontinued item