W461 Clock advice

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My first post in this forum. I have a blank area in the instrument binicle that I would like to fill with a clock (time piece)

The wagon is a W461 from 1990

Are clocks available from later seies that would fit the "hole"... The vehicle has a 24v system and negative earth but I can wire it onto one of the 12v battery terminals with an inline fuse.

My alternative would be to buy a cheap stick on minature quartz clock but it would look lost ....


Any, and all, advice would be most appreciated

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Re: W461 Clock advice

That is usually the place for the rev counter, but optional

I think it is the same diameter as the clock which usually sits in the lower centre console to the left side next to the headlamp switch

I have some used 12v clocks for sale

PM me if interested


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Re: W461 Clock advice

I think I would opt for a RevCounter as standard.  The console clock is indeed the same diameter though and would be the easier connection.  Clock makes sense if the centre console one is missing

edit: btw - I like the shading on the speedometer indicating the 'sweet spot' from 50-60.  And that is km/hr !!


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Re: W461 Clock advice

The "sweet spot" showed you the recommended speed in town, standard feature at the time.