w460 front wheel bearing kit

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Looking for front RHS  kit , any ideas,


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Re: w460 front wheel bearing kit

Buy new, from MB ?

What am I missing?  What G?  

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Re: w460 front wheel bearing kit

Be a lot cheaper if you buy bearings from a bearing specialist,  of course means car  being off the road unless someone here has numbers, tho can't remember,  might be some parts you need from MB

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Re: w460 front wheel bearing kit
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Re: w460 front wheel bearing kit

If you would likehigh quality  heavy duty wheel bearings you could have a look at NTN. bearings (Japaneese)
The standard bearings for the 460s front are 4T-LM 300849 Inner wheel bearing 4T-LM 503349A Outer Wheel bearing and 4T-LM 11949 King-pin. (from NTN)
In NTN the wheel bearings have one extra roller (25 not 24) which the tec guy at NTN I spoke to claimed improves life and in the 4T range and gives 1.4x fatigue life over standard SKF types. All are  available in the ET range and that has 1.9x increase in fatigue life over 4T

Need to be careful with the outer bearing as some have a chamfer on the inside (the one ending in A) and some dont - I would recommend doing both sides together and the king pin too

There are lots of substadard bearings availlable now and I would not personally trust Indian or chinese stuff - the last time I loked at MB bits the bearings were indian