Uprated Brake callipers

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I had to brake hard because of a muntjack in the road the other day and the pedal virtually hit the floor and it took longer than I expected to bring the G350 to a stop.  I was expected ABS to kick in, but never got momentum to overcome the braking.

It wasn't bad or faulty, just not as good as it could be.

Anyone got recommendations for uprating the brakes?  Probably just beefier callipers?  Prefer not to need to change the disks, but I guess bigger callipers will need bigger disks.

Do you need to do front and rear, or can just the front be done?


And yes, Bambi was fine!




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Re: Uprated Brake callipers

Brake pedal to the floor is alarming news - it should not do that unless you have a weak master cylinder.

With your engine off, depress your brake pedal and hold the pressure on where it stops. If the pressure is held your master cylinder should be fine but if the pedal keeps creaping lower and lower, it is either a master cylinder issue that is if you have no brake fluid losses. If you suffer brake fluid loss then you have a leak in the system some where. 

When was your brake fluid renewed? Old brake fluid can have similar result. These should be renewed every two years.

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Re: Uprated Brake callipers

This surprises me, are you  sure your existing calipers working as they should?  No stuck pistons? Sometimes if you are driving it every day you don't notice detiration?  Expect uprated calipers to be very expensive?