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Evening all. I am looking for parts for my 1987 230g. Really struggling to find any thing really. Looking for new window seals etc. Any help would be much appreciated. Luke
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Re: Spares etc

Hi luke

A good 230G is a joy to own.

Virtually everthing is available somewhere. Balancing right price v quality is difficult. Mentioning it is for a G when it is a part that fits a variety of 1980's mercedes will put the price up !  Some times ebay prices are higher than Mercedes.

Window seals are available from Mercedes.

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Re: Spares etc / 01778 347347 were remarkably helpful, sending me a sample before I ordered. Highly recommended. I could show you next Saturday the 15th of June.
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Re: Spares etc

1st port of call is at your local dealer, failing any help from them put a post on here furnishing your full chassis number for without that the Parts Technicians are working blind. Parts generally unavailable here I ususally find from the continent. This does involve additional postal and carriage charges.