Service and repairs G55

Hello, I recently brought my beloved G55 from Norway to the uk, it requires a major service and some repairs for rust and engine mounts. Could someone please recommend a good place to take the car near Surrey or London? Not MB World please!!!


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Re: Service and repairs G55

Not Surrey but Waterlooville: Prestige Car Services. Set up by an Ex MB Tech; now has two other long-term staff. 

My car is there now - I've just learned that the G350CDI has AMG brake parts so very expensive! PCS have beaten Brooklands handfs-down when it came to a simple CDL diagnosis & fix. 



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Re: Service and repairs G55

For the major service, you could try:

(I have not used them, but I understand that the garage was set-up by ex-MB technicians.)​




For bodywork and other repairs:​

(Lots of experience with MB vehicles.)