Replace Transmission out of a W460

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Hi guys,

You all have been very helpful thx guys.

Looking to either rebuild the automatic transmission on my 1988 280GE GWagon or install another automatic transmission that works...

Do you guys know what other automatic transmissions may fit my GWagon from another vehicle without to much trouble?

The transmission numbers on my transmission i have in the Gwagon now are (hope this helps) below;

1 2112F3

R 115 271 41 01



Thanks guys tony

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Re: Replace Transmission out of a W460


Have not a clue

Most people like to use a mercedes 5 speed auto from a mercedes e300 etc with a stand alone controller

I have 3 all good

I have a petrol 463 auto that the box is coming out soon. Dont know if that might fit but it works perfectly and low miles too


That g wagon longs for a better engine so i will be removing it soon