removing the center console

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Hi all,

I've started to remove the center console and have got stuck because of the heater levers. Can anyone help with the next step? It looks like the panell with the clock, light switch and heater controls needs to come off, but i couldn't see a way of achieving this. I have a 1988 W460.

Many thanks


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Re: removing the center console

Could use help with this as well. 

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Re: removing the center console

Hi all, 

I think I am on the right track with your problem, but the main advice is to be gentle and don't force anything. There is a particular way for every part to come off and go on and it just takes a bit of figuring out. 

Try this: move all the levers over the right. This should allow you gently take out the left hand section that holds the clock. Once you have this piece out, push all the levers over the left. The right hand section should now pop off easily enough. Do the reverse to put back on. 

You will also have to consider what type of blower switch you have. Is it the big turn dial type or the small push switch. I suspect the method should be the same in either case but I'm open to correction! 

Best of luck with this and as I said be gentle! There is a way! 

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Re: removing the center console

Move all 3 levers over towards clock. Then prise the right side of the 3 slots starting at the right (non slot) end. It is held in by spring clips.

You need to remove the fan switch first which pulls off and then remove the nut that secures it and the panel.

Then slide levers over to right into the now vacant spot.

This is different to Bobble10 because getting the clock out needs you to get to the wiring behind .. so remove the fan switch side first. The light switch will come off with a very large pull.. it will be tight. If a diesel then the idle knob will be uber tight .. it comes with a pull. Then very slow with 10mm spanner for the 4 bolts that hold it in place.. a ratchet spanner is a great thing!

Finally pull forward and disconect the clock as you pull out.. should be like the attached photo!