Can anyone please clarify exactly when the G500 had the interior Dashboard layout on the 463. Was it in 1999 or 2000.  Is, looking to PX my 463 300GD for a 2000 model G500 Grand Edition and the layout is very similar to my 1992 model 463. 


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Re: Rehan04


G500 actually started in 93-94 LHD same dash, then late 97-2001 was the later G500 RHD uk versions.

BTW Grand Edition came after 2003 pretty sure and will check if it helps

Hope that helps


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Re: Rehan04

dashboard is similar (but not identical) from start of 463 series until the year 2000 for all models, steering wheel probably biggest change over this time period; from 2001 onwards upgraded interior and introduction of electronics (Command);  G500 was introduced in 1998;  I'm not aware of a pre 2005 Grand Edition (but might be wrong).

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Re: Rehan04

Not sure I would call it an 'upgrade', but yes, from 2001, the interior had a major change (based on then current C-Class) with large centre-console, loss of manually operated transfer case lever, replaced by small switch, and the introduction of the body CANbus for control of seats, mirrors, lights etc.

Those between 1998 and 2001 had a different instrument binnacle to the earlier W463 and the ashtray in the centre-console relocated sideways.  ... and steering wheel with control buttons for the radio.