Passenger Side Leak behind Dashboard

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Having recently acquired a 1983 280GE I took it home to the North West where we have a lot of rain and discovered that the rain streamed into the passenger side foot well when I opened the passenger door one morning and water poured out all over my feet.

Google pointed me at the windscreen wiper spindle and I replaced the washer and tightened up the nut and all seemed well.

However this did not cure the whole leak as I noticed that the underside edge of the dashboard close to the passenger door was still getting wet.

I got under the dash with an inspection lamp and from what I could see the repair I had made seemed to be OK but then I noticed that water was dripping from the bottom of the air vent pipe.

As you will know this is a corrugated pipe that fits onto the passenger air vent in the dashboard.

The pipe has concentric rings and so I am assuming that the water if getting directly on to the top of this pipe then following the grooves then dropping off but I have no idea what is above the pipe.

I thought the pipe may pull off but it seemed to want to ‘crush’ rather that and so I thought I had better do some more research.

Has anyone come across this before and are there any suggestions as to what I can look at?

How is the vent pipe removed?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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Re: Passenger Side Leak behind Dashboard

Hello, in my experience, particularly on older 460s there's a grommet in the battery tray that leaks when the tray rusts away from around it, also the the wiper spindles leak down the spindles not around the fixing, the water runs down the wiper arm and straight down the worn spindle.


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Re: Passenger Side Leak behind Dashboard

what to look for as follows- wiper spindles- they become worn and leak- there no cheap anymore 

perforated bulkhead - corrosion - check bulkhead under inner wings and under battery tray

windscreen rubber and screen frame- rubber either perished or frame has corroded.

Check centre of bulkhead where heater fan is- there is a water drain and it can become blocked with shite

Good Luck !






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Re: Passenger Side Leak behind Dashboard

My 460 leaks under the passenger bullhead: spent ages looking for leaks from door seals (wiper bits had been replaced) Finally after removing front carpet – bugger of a job – all the centre console has to come out!!! plus he seized diff lock knobs!!

Anyways, leak found in bulkhead. Solution remove inner and outer fenders and all associated crap and weld up hole – placing a rubber sheet behind should deflect water from bulkhead. (Battery box side so you can see bugger all)


The problem is water from screen and roof comes down to the gutter under the hood then shoots down via the bulkhead – its also gravity dependent – meaning if you park on road with camber towards the road edge water will flow to that side.