Newbie up in Scotland

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Hi everyone.

Im a new g wagon owner (I'm new to G wagons, the G wagon is most definitely not new)

It is a 1988, Gold, LWB, 280GE W460 dream machine.

It's lovely n all that but it is an overly thirsty bugger. Doesn't help that the WUR is acting up so spews out unborn fuel until it decides its warm enough. Also has the usual leak that is filling up the Center console and drivers a carpet. Other than that, there doesn't seem to be much

I would like to get on OM606 dropped in but for all the DPUK kit looks the dogs nuts, i cannot be spending 16k on it. So who can do it? 




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Re: Newbie up in Scotland

Definitely avoid D***  [ed: don't want to start any wars here in a public forum. PM for a personal view]

Check out their reviews and do some digging 

Dieselmeken or Myna are the ONLY trusted guys 

606 can be a tight squeeze,  605 is an easier option with more space available 

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Re: Newbie up in Scotland
Greetings from Drimnin, Morvern. Hope you enjoy your G and everything it involves. Scouse is right. Although it might be wanting fettling the good news is that you'll only need to do each job once. The standard and quality of thoughtful robust engineering is remarkable. We've got a 1988 SWB 460 with an OM606 in it which is *great* now we've got it sorted. Once you've staunched the water coming in (Is the plenum under the bonnet grill clear of muck so that you can pour water in the top and it comes out through the drain at the bottom? Are the wiper spindles AOK?) you might consider driving a distance to get the engine sorted. Ours was off the road for a while at the beginning and, needing transport, we could recommend an ex PostOffice van. It served us well. All the very best with your Adventure.