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Hi everyone just introducing myself to the forum. I've spent a lot of time looking through the forum since I became the owner of my g wagen and appreciate the wealth of knowledge that members of the association have. My g wagen is a white 1990 lwb 300gd five speed manual with the - wait for it - transfer box PTO. This particular g wagen was originally a MB service vehicle in Glasgow and was liveried up with the blue MB service stripe along the sides, beacons, front and rear winches and a leather interior. I'm sure it would have been some set up in its day. It's currently a rolling restoration which I'm having a lot of fun with, this being my first g wagen. I'm curious to know if anyone has any pictures or may know someone that has photos of a g wagen all liveried up in proper Mercedes fashion because I would like to see what it would have looked like back in the day. Also if anyone has an original owners manual (the one with the orange banner across the top) I would be interested in buying it. Thanks very much and I look forward to contributing to the association and forum. Regards, David.

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Re: New member W460 300GD

Hello and welcome to the club and forum, hope you join up. It can be worth it in my opinion. 

You have a very rare vehicle in deed, one with a PTO no doubt. I have never seen one live but only seen one You Tube clip of it. Have you used the PTO yet? If so, what for? 

Any way enjoy the vehicle and hope you get the same on the forum and club. 

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Re: New member W460 300GD


That looks like a nice truck. Looking forward to updates.

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Re: New member W460 300GD

Hi David. Good for you for taking this on as a project as it's particularly worth while due to it's history and spec, I'm sure a lot of us would be interested to see some pics if you could put some on here, I wonder if you intend restoring it to it's original livery etc ?, I hope you enjoy restoring the 460 as much as I have doing mine you can take my word for it that it's very satisfying seeing it done and enjoying the interest it attracts, some of the bits that you'll need can be expensive but if you take your time to build up a few contacts and keep an eye on ebay then it should'nt be too bad, thought tbh I foung my local mb dealer to be surprisingly reasonable with a few things and always really helpful. All the best and good luck with it yes