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Hello everyone at GWOA. I am NickG a newly joined member at this forum and look forward to contributing as well as gaining as much knowlege as possible about the G-wagen. Let me start by saying i have wanted a G-wagen since i was a small child. I had a small model of a w460 when i was younger in the early 1980s. At that time they were not imported to the US. but growing up in infamous South Florida I would occasionally see an imported w460 and marvel. Once 2003 came around the w463 started to show up at Mercedes Dealerships I was determined to own one. Between that time and now i have completed several frame off auto restorations on american hotrods but i had never owned a european vehicle. Fast forward to 2015 and after much research, i realized i could purchase an imported w460. So i purchased a 1983 280ge w460 lwb.  Initially my plan was to repaint the vehicle and get it road worthy. Unfortunately after stripping the paint i realized i had more work on my hands than i expected. This lead to a frame off restoration, I had several rusted body panels as well as rusted out floor panels not to mention the rubber undercoating looked as if it had plenty of bad secrets trapped inside. By 2017 the frame has been completely disassembled, sand blasted and all components axles ect. painted and reassembled.The body has also been media blasted and repainted. As far as engine i started with a m110 6cylinder. With my heart set on diesel i purchased a om617a. But after much research i came to the conclusion i could not have an om617a turbo and A/C in a left wheel drive w460. This lead me to the om606. i since purchased a 2 low mileage  E300 sedans, a 1998 and 1999 locally. My plan is to put the om606 and the 722.6 into my G. i removed the electric pump and I have a rebuilt 8mm injection pump from dieselmeken. At this point what i have left to do is to transfer motor transmission as well as install new brake lines, most which are completely missing. And i have to route all the 4wd plumbing, which doesent look like it has been functional in quite a while. Hope i didnt put anyone to sleep, i look forward to all the insight i can get. Thanks again

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Welcome, it sounds as if you are on a labour of love and are prepared to do it thoroughly rather than quickly, something I think most would agree with on this forum. These trucks are capable of lasting 50 years with regular care and attention

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Post up some pics, we're interested in your progress

Regards Gordon