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Hi all, I'm new to the forum and want to kick it off by thanking you all for what I learned from you guys already. My 1999 G 463 is doing great but now I want to fix some details.

To set the clock right (the one on the dashboard) it looks like I need to go through the satnav, however I'm missing the CD. MB has one on stock (part nbr B67823967) but costs around €200 which is way too much just to be able to set the clock (I'm using a separate Garmin GPS for actual navigation).

Does anyone have a cheaper solution like:

- An old (outdated) CD

- A cheaper way to download/make a CD

- Other ways to set the clock ...

Thanks a lot,


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Re: Navigation CD


you don't need the CD. You can go into settings (SYS) and set the time either manually or through GPS signals. For the latter, you don't need a CD, but the GPS receiver need to be working, ie not faulty.

See page 211 (it won't be quite the same COMAND model as yours in terms of looks, but operation is the same):​