Is it just me?

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Or does everyone's G also suffer from common windscreen stonechipitis?

Just had my fourth in three years.

I guess it must be to do with the very upright windscreen - presumably there's no such thing as a "glancing blow"


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Re: Is it just me?

My G lasted less than a month before I got a stone chip and crack that will constitute an MOT failure.  Since then the screen has been peppered with numerous chips.  It almost seems to be a weekly occurrence.  It is definitely made worse by the screen angle and vehicle height.  I have been tempted to install a windscreen protection film but not really sure if they work?

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Re: Is it just me?

Dont mention it

My screen has been in for years with no damage

I cracked it when removing it to repair screen surround, well the dog damaged it to be fair but he did not mean to knock it over im sure

Put in a new screen and its been ok for a year. Gravel on road ,car coming the other way and guess what. Yep you guessed it. Its cracked as the stone hit the very edge by rubber. The cold spell made it crack even more

Yes being so square and upright means stones dont bounce off they just hit the almost flat screen

At least they are cheap and easy to fit


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Re: Is it just me?

This is quite common to G's and I would imagine L/Rovers. The solution is to fit bonnet shields rather like the Japanese vehicles have. I had looked into its production for the G-Wagen and even got to a point got an American manufacture interested in producing it but things have gone cold there. Ohps there goes my royalties on the idea.

One could cheaply try this out by fixing at an angled piece of Perspex across the bonnet at the front, attached to some Mechanno- strips; agree it would look untidy but its the 'practicality'  what is being tested out here.

This idea would also help deflect the tons of insects that attach themselves to the screen.