It has arrived - now what do I do?

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Hello everyone

I became a member a few weeks ago when I finally purchased a 1994 G300 GEL and have had a few sleepless nights since, waiting for the vehicle to arrive.

Its the usual tale, you start reading about the history and before you know you are struck with G fever. My G fever was so severe that after a few failed purchasing attempts, I bought a G300 from Pete in the G-Class Centre without anyone inspecting it. I would not recommend this approach to anyone and I don't think Pete was to please either with someone purchasing a car that they haven't even viewed other that the numerous pictures that he provided.

Well the car rolled of the transporter yesterday and I have to say I haven't stopped smiling since. Yes the car need some TLC to bring it closer to it former glory but overall it's a very sound car for its age and mileage. And yes its was not cheap to buy and the work done at Pete's recommendation was also expensive when you start comparing the Mercedes parts prices with similar Land Rover part. But everyone warned me numerous time that the running cost are expensive and I now know exactly what the mean. So a quick thank you to Pete as I'm well aware that garages are often criticized and rarely praised.

I'm going to have lots of questions for you all and think it best to post them separately.

I'm now looking forward to meeting you soon.




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Re: It has arrived - now what do I do?

"Now What Do I Do"?

Easiest question ever - go out and drive it.

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Re: It has arrived - now what do I do?

In the long run the costs of running a Defender of a similar age will be greater than for the G with the exception of fuel. This is down to quality and durability of the engineering you will need fewer replacement parts, as everything lasts longer