I bought a dashcam 2

I give up,  two prangs in a week


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Re: I bought a dashcam 2

jeez, so sorry to see that happen to your g gordon it was a really tidy truck (and will be again) have you been watching 'die hard' or something?  the passenger jumps out and appears to do a runner or was it left hand drive ? ,the driver was unsighted by the fir tree hence they  should of been edging out until the view was clear (they can hardly use the old 'i didn't see you mate' defence ) the 2.5 ton black truck was a bit of a give away ! looks like driving without due care etc or careless driving ,i was impressed with how you took it all in your stride with just a heavy sigh- hope it gets sorted out - can the footage be used as part of the claim ? -mike

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Re: I bought a dashcam 2

  sorry to see what happend to your G you better go and kick and smash the number plate

  they do say 3s the dash cam is briliant so clear

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Re: I bought a dashcam 2

killed the white van though