Hose set for 300GE

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Does any one know the individual part numbers for the radiator and coolant hoses on a 300GE,  Cant see any numbers of mine and are of undetermined age

​Or if MB happen to sell a complete kit ?


Its for a 1993 300 GE with M103 engine, as I dont think the hose set for say a W124 E class with the M103 engine has the same hoses (lower hose different ?) - but I'm happy to be corrected by those with much more knowledge than me !




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Re: Hose set for 300GE


Your local MB parts dept will be able to order everything you require, based on your VIN.

However, below is a previous order of parts including the coolant hoses you mention. But I can't recall now which is which.

Part numbers beginning with 463 are exclusive to the G and as you've noted the cooling system hoses and radiators are not the same as those in a W124. If you need a radiator you can buy an OEM, Behr version from Northern Radiators. at half the MB dealer price (identical item but with MB logo removed). Unfortunately, hoses are a dealer-only part.