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Hi there, I am a new joiner to the site and posting here to say hello and introduce myself.

I have a short wheelbase 280GE, bought at auction earlier in the year.  It's not in bad condition and whilst it appears to have been painted, it only has one area of rust bubbling up around the rear near side light.  It was converted to run gas at some point, but the equipment has been partially removed.

It was apparently fitted with a rebuilt gearbox, as was advertised, but this either complete fabrication or else has not been fitted correctly.  There are a number of other issues that need sorting but I will post up about those in the other forums.

Thanks in advance for your help and advice.



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Re: Hello there!


This sounds like your first G.  Probably a 1980s. A 460 model.  Post a pic and someone will likely know it.

The rust is exactly where it happens, so it will definitely get worse, but they are also tough and will run forever..  Hopefully we can help here, and there are other sources of help too.

You already discovered that posting a forum message takes over a minute, and sending it twice will add a duplicate.  Admins remove duplicates.  The website creaks a bit but works.

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Re: Hello there!

Welcome Darren,

Should you need to make any sort of enquiries please furnish your chassis number; Mercedes dealers can not work without this info. Better still have the chasis number as part of Avatar signature. 

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Re: Hello there!

I had one back in the early noughties, swb auto, I had it gassed but it never worked properly. Nice engine though. Body work problems as normal around the rear 3/4. Thirsty.