Heater Alternator

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The heater (blower) has given up in my W460 so having to strip out the entire dash to get to the bottom of it. 

I've taken enough of the dash out to know that one of two things need replacing:

- Heater Motor.

- Heater Alternator. 

From what I can see, I can still buy the motor from Mercedes, but if the alternator is the problem then they do not produce this anymore.

any ideas where I can get hold of one? Old or new?

thanks. SBB. 

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Re: Heater Alternator


I don't recall what a blower alternator is or where it is located?   But you'd be surprised how may times its a blown fuse.  Check F10 I think it is.  Also does the rear screen heater.

Also the blower switches are known for breaking down... assume your blower is completely dead though?  A new blower is about £170 from MB.   An 'alternator' might be available from someone on here or other G breakers/dealers.

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Re: Heater Alternator
Hmmm... Do I recall that the blower motor from a VW T4 is similar and cheaper? Good luck with the job. It's not especially difficult but it does take a long time. You might think about flushing the heater matrix while you have access.
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Re: Heater Alternator

Wise (money saving) advice from Nick 123.