Fuel gauge not working 1993 300GD any info

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Fuel gauge not working 1993 300GD I've recently had an issue with the fuel gauge not registering. I've cleaned all the terminals. If I ground out the blue/black wire at the gauge sensor, (top of the fuel tank), the dashboard indication moves up to the full level as it should do. So thus tells me that the sensor is faulty. How hard is it to remove the sender/sensor from the fuel tank. So that I can inspect it's condition. What are the spare option's available. Thanks.
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Re: Fuel gauge not working 1993 300GD any info

New sensor, easy ish to fit . Though over £100, 6 years ago. Lift up rear carpet, 4screws hold plate in middle of floor, sensor is held by a bayonet type, use a spanner across it, be careful though as potential for cutting hand high, breather pipe is secured to sender,  with care you can remove the  alloy sleeve that goes over the float in the sender, might just be jammed with black gunge. Also 3 wires to remove