Front windscreen panel rusty

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I am restoring my W463 SWB petrol wagon

The front windscreen has been removed to reveal a very rusty lower front panel.

Does anyone know of a company (apart from MB) who can supply a repair panel ?

Alternatively I wondered if anyone know of a  G wagon that is being broken for spares?


any ideas ?



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Re: Front windscreen panel rusty

Have you checked the price from MB ?  Body panels are not too expensive usually.

You can get (Chinese?) pattern parts (look on eBay) but then it will take you a while to get them to fit properly and the metal will rust again pretty quickly.

Just my opinion, but if  you are going to the trouble to restore, you might as well do it properly.


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Re: Front windscreen panel rusty

new one from mb is approx £50 !!!!

exterior screen frame is £100 !

ive replaced a few of these 


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Re: Front windscreen panel rusty

Me too

kindly dropped off by Graham

Cut and fitted in exactly the same place. For the money and it fits properly why by pattern parts. Easy job its just removing all the dash that is the hard part