European breakdown cover

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Thought I'd just post my experience in case it helps anyone.

Going to Germany for a short trip (5 days) at the end of April and thought I'd best take out breakdown cover - just in case.

First tried a couple of those comparison websites but they couldn't quote as my G is over 21 years old.

Then tried RAC website and got a quote of £102 for the Comprehensive cover (sort of middle of the road). Filled in all the sections and was about to hit the BUY button when I thought I'd try phoning instead.

Called the RAC and spoke to a human being (eventually) and got a price for the same cover of £42. Purchased on the spot before they changed their minds.

Just goes to show - the internet isn't always cheaper.

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Re: European breakdown cover

Very useful, Thank you.

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Re: European breakdown cover

Interesting approach, thank you for sharing. Bon Voyage on your trip and not too many of the Bratwurst. 

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Re: European breakdown cover



I did not look at this post as it did not entertain any of my requirements for anything

I clicked i looked and you were giving advise so i thought even though i will not need it i will have the decency to look and perhaps post a reply

Good work and if i plan a trip i will bear this in mind. You are right in what you say though. A phone call is usually way cheaper than on line

We have come to believe on line is cheaper due to costs and having to hold no stock. Its true for some but insurance etc or non image goods a better deal is to call

All our town shops have gone due to internet shopping and cheap prices but are they actually that cheap and worth losing shops for. No i would prefer the shops even if a bit more expensive. If its wrong or faulty you dont have to post back just go to shop

Swings and roundabouts but i miss shops in our town and i dont help as i buy on line. I also buy by phone and it is way cheaper if its someone you can understand lol, but for general stuff i walk to town. I might be a fiver worse off but if they were not there i would use £10 in fuel going to nearest shop

Miss our town shops and owners to be fair. Also my old old insurance broker. I gave him my details ad he found a deal. Now i have to find a deal and its not straight cut when you buy the policy. Its add this or add that

Good in some respects bad in others we wont win lol