Electric G-Wagen

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I thought I would start a forum thread tracking any possible future electric G.

There have been a couple of mentions of Arnie's (Terminator) Kreisel conversion


And MB stated there 'would' be an electric G 'in the next few years' -  https://uk.motor1.com/news/402975/mercedes-g-class-ev-version/ 

But that was maybe before the current situation.  

I also just heard that MB are no longer selling the G350d (463A).  Its down to the 2 8 cylinder options - G400 diesel and G63.  Pushes the entry price over the 100k GBP mark I reckon, for the UK.  Keeping exclusivity by pricing.

So back to the electric G - MB trademarked 'EQG'  and in Oct2020 there was this re-hash of the November 2019 statement:  https://youtu.be/bWEzaL6_QhA     'BA' also suggest there may be a Hybrid.  Not sure about that.

With so many G's never getting out of cities, and with emissions restrictions coming in all the time, an EQG might be the ultimate eco-statement.  It may even still work off-road.  But you can forget about touring in the wilderness.


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Re: Electric G-Wagen

OK - I know there isn't the infrastructure in the UK yet but there is increasing amount in Euroland and given that heavy goods vehicle manufacturers seem to prefer the idea - how about a hydrogen powered version?