Crack In Gearbox Case

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Les Constant
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Hi   I am part way through a auto gearbox overhaul

There are a number of cracks where the transmission fluid pipe bolts onto the large gearbox case.

Does anyone have a good gearbox case to suit my 1993 GEL 300

My G Wagon is stuck high up on a ramp in a garage and is going no where

Can any body help

Part Number is 722397 or maybe a 7223 may be suitable 

Can you advise    Regards from Les

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g wagon g
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Re: Crack In Gearbox Case

Hi Les

I could tig it up for you and i am sure it would be fine

Is it just around that one fitting. I have enlarged pic but cant quite see

A good welder should be able to do a proper job. Did it leak or have you just noticed cracks????

A few i have seen have casting mark cracks which is normal. The best way is to check inside but i suppose you already have done


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Re: Crack In Gearbox Case

Have you sort this out yet ?

It can be weld up easily...



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Re: Crack In Gearbox Case

I have a good 463 gearbox and torque