Couple of things.

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Hello all, a couple of bits have recently risen their head, first one, when I start her first thing, the battery warning light stays on and the revs seem a little on the low side you have to rev her to get the light off, no problem when running and when warmed up no warning light, other thing is power window switches, I think Nick had a similar problem, drivers side would go down every time no problem but intermittently would not close, I found out after a few bangs the palm of your hand the switch sprang into life, no problem either way with passenger side, I then swopped the switches over so my side had no problem, now my side has died the death totally so won't even go down now, still intermittent fault on the other switch, so one won't open and one won't close!!, Four by Four club in America has the 460 switches for sale however they are close to £90 each, is there a Mercedes model that used the 460 window switches? If not has anyone got two spare? Many thanks

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Re: Couple of things.

I suspect the switch is common to most Mercedes of that era  w201,123.124, 126 so available from Merc breakers.

you may find if you remove the switch and give the internals a blast of switch cleaner they may spring into life.