cold stalling

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I have a 1995 G300. It has recently developed a problem in cold weather. The car starts normally but occassionaly after less than 10 minutes or 2 - 3 miles the engine stalls and the car comes to a complete stop, It can be restarted immediately. Any idess on the causes of and solution to this problem?

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Re: cold stalling

Is this a petrol?

Sounds exactly like my 1994 300GES a couple of years ago.

It did exactly that for a few weeks (not on every trip) but then one day it wouldn't start again.

I tried a few suggested remedies including new distro cap, new rotor, new plug leads etc. etc. which all came to a pretty penny but made no difference.

Turned out to be a fuel pump relay. These are pretty expensive from MB but I got one on ebay for only £27. Plugged it in and all good ever since. I was a bit worried because it was obviously Chinese but it arrived really quickly and hasn't missed a beat since Jan 21 2016.