Aux waterpump

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The extra waterpump on my 463 , the small 12v one near the bulkhead, how do you tell it' is working? Can you hear it when the ignition is on? Presume these are generic parts? No over heating but just wonder if heater is working as it should?

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Re: Aux waterpump

I think it's there primarily to help water circulation through the heater matrix. Turn on full heat and place your hand on it to see whether you feel it humm. 

You can also check with a multimeter if you see a voltage on its connector plug and if you measure some resistance, probably around 10 Ohms, across the motor terminals with the electrical plug disconnected.

It has little or no effect for the engine cooling which of course has its own main water pump. This one is to help divert some water through the heater matrix.