ABS cutting in at low speed

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On my 1991 300GES the ABS is cutting in when coming to a halt below 5mph at anything other than gentle braking loads. The wheels are not actually locking.

I recently had the sensors out when I was changing the brake discs/calipers.

Is there a proper procedure to reseat them or anything else I should be looking at?

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Re: ABS cutting in at low speed

Do you mean you removed ABS sensors or pad wear sensors? Does the light come on? Presume you pressed switch on and off?

I had something similar when the o ring didn' t locate , beneath the sensor, tho if was working fine before, something must have been upset

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Re: ABS cutting in at low speed

Very strange that, the system is designed in fact not sense under 5 mph otherwise the wheel would never stop.

Unless one of the sensors have become faulty, the other possible case could be a broken or cracked ABS senor ring which does give sensitive ABS activation. The ring gears are difficult to see for inspection, I suppose the only test that can be done is check the Hall effect patterns on the ring gear, a break or crack will show up as a break in the continuity of pattern.