6 WD g wagens in london

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I understand there were only 6 made of the G Wagon 6WD vehicles ,there are 3 in london at present courtesy of our arab visitors they can be seen usually near harrods every day.

I have a couple of photos if anyone is interested  i can post them up ?


keep kickking !

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Re: 6 WD g wagens in london
Put the pic's up on here ! It is a g forum, i met a bloke in north london making his own supposed 6x6 but i think it will be a 6x4 with a v12.
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Re: 6 WD g wagens in london

They've made way more than 6; I saw a photo of a yard at Brabus with 15 RHD cars ready for work. 

There was a German - taxi beige one I saw last week, and yesterday it was parked up with the white one also.