300 GD body kit wanted

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I am after a body kit for my 1989 300 GD.

I don't want to be ripped off with an eBay special, can anybody recommend the best one to buy. 

I am also considering putting on bigger alloys, any suggestions?


thanks in advance.

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Re: 300 GD body kit wanted

I recommend keeping your car original to keep its value with an engine conversion so it can keep up with modern traffic 

Please don't turn it into a Mongrel 

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Re: 300 GD body kit wanted

I agree. Its a matter of preference, but I don't see the point of trying to turn a 460 into a G63.  But adding some bolt ons can make it 'look the part'.

I am also in favour of clear indicators in place of orange, and that takes 10 minutes.  The grills and guards are nice and roof racks/ladders (if you will use them).  I took the bull bars off my original 460 and prefer that look.  I prefer the rubber wheel archs to the hard plastic type.  Side runners/steps are good, and decent mudflaps.  Refreshing/replacing the fog lights, and uprating the main beams is another thing.

Good luck.