2003 G270 463, Coolant Hoses

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I have a 2003 G270 and want a complete set of replacement coolant hoses and clamps.  I was told that the 2003 Mercedes Sprinter engine is the same as my G Wagon's engine.  Is there some way to tell if the hoses from that engine will work? 

Unfortunately (or fortunately except for getting parts for my vehicle), I live on a small Caribbean island and while it is quick and easy to order parts from the USA, it is not easy to order them from Germany.  I end up ordering parts from the USA when they match.  The diesel G Wagon was not imported into the USA, so it can be hit and miss. I've attached the date plate. 

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Re: 2003 G270 463, Coolant Hoses


I think some hoses may be the same, but those to the radiator, heater bulkhead etc will probably not be . 

You could invest $5 in a copy of the MB electronic parts catalogue on a computer DVD (eBay) to install on your PC or laptop, and then you could look up the exact part numbers for your vehicle and also compare to the sprinter or any other for matches. You enter the VIN of your vehicle to look up applicable parts; then you can click on any and see what other MB vehicles they also apply to.

Can you not find a friendly dealer in the US who can pre-order the parts for you from Germany and then send them across?

Otherwise you might order directly from Europe and pay the customs and duty, which can all be pre-paid if shipped via a courier such as FedEx.