Stainless exhaust recommendation

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I have a recommendation for those in the gt Manchester/cheshire area.

I have a 1985 300GD which has just had a new stainless steel exhaust from front pipe back (correct grade of stainless) fabricated and installed over the tank, including hiding the tailpipe behind the bumper, by TopGear in Bredbury, Stockport. They are a Longlife franchise and Andy who made the exhaust and fitted it was very good.

The price was very competitive - though when I went back he did say fitting had been a bit of a mare - he part lowered the tank in the end - lets just say I had a quote from another leading specialist and they wanted over £700 which I took to be a couldn't be bothered price. TopGear were substantially lower.



Ps he took 5-6 hours.. I reckon the next one will be a lot faster!