Power Inverter experiences

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There are a few topics about Inverters (12v to 240V) on here, but starting this one.

I am using a hard-wired 300W Power inverter to drive a powered bluetooth speak and subwoofer, in my SWB 460.

The Subwoofer makes the car rock!  It also doubles as somewhere to plugin a laptop when travelling.

But I am looking to have a neater solution and wondering what wattage of inverter to go for longer term.  Also where to put it and what issues there are with using them (draining battery, blowing fuses, damaging alternator etc?   It should be a big deal in a non-ECU 460 because there are no rouchy electronics to fry, right?  TBH, it should be fine in a 463 too.

I know some of you have installed massive sound systems etc.  I assume those are12V based though.

What's the maddest thing you have run on an inverter?   Chainsaw? Compressor? Jetwash etc.

Picture is a typical type you get, 150W.