people to look after G463 in the north west (near Manchester if possible)

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Hello, just so you know, I'm new this forum business. Until recently, I owned a 460 230G auto (I know, probably not the best choice but I liked it)  anyway, someone else liked it enough to steal it, probably hungry for some doughnut action in the local supermarket car park, sorry I digress..why am i here? Reason, looking to replace it with a 463 300G but I want to do it in the right way, that's why I'm here, on GWOA, trying to find the right people or person to help out with vehicle inspections... I know nothing about the mechanical workings of cars, but I've always loved the G Wagon especially the SWB... got the bug... need a good one & good people to service & look after it...

Anyone with thoughts opinions of any kind, (mainly the type i might find helpful) would be much appreciated...

If anyone knows of any G's for sale that fit the bill or could help point me in the direction of honest G sales person. Any thoughts on Japanese imports? They look pretty good to me, but would need to get it checked by someone that knows about these cars.

I've got a budget of around 15K.  

300 or 320G 463 right hand drive. 

Auto, sunroof, standard alloys, air con would be a bonus.

Dark colours only, NOT BLACK... dk grey or dk blue (navy) are favorites.

any help would be much appreciated