OM606 glowplugs

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The legendary Mercedes OM606 diesel engine is a wondrous creation.

However, glowplug removal can be notoriously problematic; Google waxes lyrical on the subject.

Three mechanics wisely declined to renew the stuck #1 glowplug on my engine.

"Injector Removal Scotland" (07854 360791) did the job. As expected, it was not straightforward but they succeeded. Husband and wife team Allan and Angie travel Scotland removing problematic injectors and glowplugs. Called upon regularly by the big vehicle dealers they are equally willing to rescue one-offs in the middle of nowhere. They are straightforward, approachable, diligent, organised and experienced - and are buoyed by a good sense of humour. With nothing for me to gain (the job's been done a month ago!) I heartily recommend them.