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I can't think of a safer car to learn to drive in !!  The present is the Learner Insurance though, not the G.

Buying Learner Insurance by the month is costing £50 (Aviva/DayInsure) which I think is pretty good value considering I was quoted £7 grand for a year to add as a named driver.  Gulp.  They must have that wrong.  Its a G230GE Auto.  Daughter will get manual lessons in another car and with an instructor.  My nerves won't cope otherwise.

I am with Aviva multi-car now, and may go back to theAA.   Not keen on DirectLine or Admiral in the past.


Adding Forum posts is not easy with GWOA is it!!  It took a while to (re-find) the best way to post.   

We need more pics on the site I feel.