G300E Fuel System Parts

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I've needed to change the fuel pumps (engine spluttering after 5 mins) on my G300E and thought that I would list here the part numbers of the pumps and related parts, in case it may be of use to anyone:

I have found an online retailer, based in Germany with good prices on OEM parts. They operate several almost identical websites with different names and with individual country versions. This one is AutoDoc (i've no connection, but the service has been good so far).


Fuel Pump relay (VEMO probably OK – they  now remanufacture discontinued parts)



Fuel Pump (x2)  Choose Bosch part number: 0 580 254 911




Fuel filter (Choose MANN or Bosch)




Idle Control Valve: Choose Bosch 0 280 140 510




Fuel Pressure Accumulator (Bosch  0 438 170 055 ):




Cold Start Valve (additional Injector with solenoid): Bosch    0 280 170 412





Temperature Sensor




Crankshaft Sensor





You can check part numbers here for the Bosch OEM and Mercedes Part numbers:



(Click on the ENGINE tab)

Picture below shows pump and filter package that lives under the left rear wheel arch liner. The brownish coating is wax from the factory. (Fuel Accumulator on left, Filter in middle, and Fuel Pump on right). The other fuel-pump is under the tank, behind the tank guard-plate.