Chinese torture (Adult)

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Once there was a man that had survived a terrible plane crash and was lost in
a forest. He had no idea where he was or which way to go. He wandered for days
and survived on berries and twigs. He was way too slow to catch any kind of
animal and couldn't even start a fire. He should have joined the boy scouts
when he was young. After two weeks of wandering he found a thin, but three
story house with smoke coming out of the chimney. Without hesitation he
knocked on the door. A little man answered the door. He had a long white beard
that hung almost to the floor.

Please sir, I need some food and shelter. Said the young man.

This I will give you but you must promise not to fool with my lovely daughter, said the old man

Thank you and I wouldn't think of messing with your daughter.

For if you do I will inflict the three most gruesome Chinese torture tests
that have ever been devised. The man, too weak, agreed, not thinking that any
woman could arouse him in his weak state. After a shower and some sleep the man
came down to eat. A grand dinner was set up and the man sat to eat. The old
man's daughter entered the room and to great surprise of the young man, she
was most beautiful. So beautiful that the man could hardly tear his eyes away
from her during the meal.

Later that night the man crept into the girl's room to take one last look at
her for he had promised to leave early the next morning with a map the old man
gave him. When he opened the door he saw that the girl was awake and to his
surprise she ushered him in. Well, being stuck in a forest with just your
father doesn't surpress all urges, so one thing lead to another. They were as
quiet as possible not to wake the old man. After a few hours (OH WOW) the man
crept to his room thinking that any torture would be worth what he had just
done. He fell asleep thinking of her.

Early in the morning he got up and felt an enormous pain on his chest. It was a
rock with a sign on it that said: 1st Chinese torture, 100 pound rock on chest !

Well, this wasn't hardly what the man thought would rate as torture and threw
the rock out the window. As he did this he saw a second sign just outside the
window that said: 2nd Chinese torture, Left testicle tied to 100 pound rock !

The man jumped out of the window without hestitation knowing a 3 story drop
would be far better than what was in store for him.

As he fell to the ground he saw a large sign on the ground. It said: 3rd
Chinese torture, right testicle tied to bed post !

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Re: Chinese torture (Adult)

Silly................ I like it !

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Re: Chinese torture (Adult)

 lol. nice one Bear!