When English Plate not included ?

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Out of interest, what happens in UK when a vehicle is bought in UK for export and the private plate is not for sale with the vehicle. ie - the owner wants to keep private plate.

Can I drive a 'non-plated' vehicle in UK to the ferry port and how would I insure it for trip back ?



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Re: When English Plate not included ?

The owner will need to get another plate allocated to the vehicle when he takes his retained one off.

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Re: When English Plate not included ?

can be driven on trade plates

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Re: When English Plate not included ?

If you do not have access to trade plates then the seller must register the vehicle on normal plates before handover. Presumably the tax and MOT paperwork would also have to be changed or else you risk being stopped on the way to the ferry.


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Re: When English Plate not included ?

 Just to let you know ive been trying to reg a UK Gwagon for over 6mnths now in Spain !!!

Biggest headache was the EU vehicle comformance forms went missing (maybe called something else ) they just say the type and details etc but i nightmare without ...also i have to put the wheels and tyres matching what the vehicle was made and left the factory with !!! not the upgraded ones that i have .....rear hazard to move to the other side along with the headlights !! you may already know all this but thought it might help ...