Special Tool required for electrical fixing...

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Good Morning, I have been trying to replace the electrical connector that handles amongst other things, the alternator output. It is located on the left hand side of the engine bay, just above the windscreeen wash pump. It is in an awkward spot.  The connector is attached to the engine bay by screws with heads that I do not recognise. They look like they need a special tool to undo them. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. The nuts on the connector are all turning on their bolt, so presently unable to remove the cables without either cutting the cables or wrecking the connector.

Apologies for the poor snap but I hope you can see what I am puzzled by....



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Re: Special Tool required for electrical fixing...

I'm no expert but could those be rivets?  I can't see you getting anything on that.

Perhaps if all fails, drill the centres and use those self tapping bolt removal things.

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Re: Special Tool required for electrical fixing...

New connectors are readily available and cheap enough, I am away for a long weekend but can sort one next week so you have before you destroy it... you're gonna have to change it regardless by the sounds of it, the screws go into a brass nut from memory that is embeded in the plastic case so if its spinning its done!

If your on a quicker time scale msg back and I will get you the part number to source at a local dealer, off top of my head on the road the number is A601 540 00 69 so a quick google will probably identify if I am right ;0)

All the ones I have seen are just bolted to the inner wing so whether thats been messed with or the bolt is under that odd looking thing I am not sure

A clearer better picture may help assess


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Re: Special Tool required for electrical fixing...
There is a reason "The Gav" is widely recognised as a legend...