Rattle / vibration near dashboard

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Hi All, my 1991 300GE has recently developed a rattle / slight vibration at low speeds. The noise sounds to me like it could be a loose plate behind the dashbooard / transmission, it is more like a rattle than a bad vibration, like a grrr noise rather than a clanging or whining noise. It is nothing like the bad shaking one gets if a propshaft is going. The noise disappears once one pulls away.
The workshop that I take the car to do not think that it is the transmission or transfer case, but suggested balancing the propshafts. This has now been done but the noise persists.

Any ideas, please. Thanks.

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Re: Rattle / vibration near dashboard

Did the garage tighten the propshafts properly, especially the short one between the transfer box and gearbox? 

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Re: Rattle / vibration near dashboard

Possibly speedo cable chatter

Might be a little dry