Mercedes Diesel Claim

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Has anyone joined or considering joining the Mercedes Diesel Compensation scheme?

I owned a 93 G300 and now own a 2011 G 350.    The older G got terrible mileage.  It was petrol.  However, road tax was cheapish.   The newer G get pretty good mileage and is a Diesel, but road tax is horrific at £600 and rising.  

Not sure why the 93 was a lot less than the newer one.   It is Bluetec, and for me it is just fancy word that really does not do much.  

Your thoughts are most appreciated.








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Re: Mercedes Diesel Claim

Ha.  It may be just me but I am pretty sceptical about any meaningful return versus MB, after the 'agents' have taken their ambuance chasing cut.

I also have a BlueTec G and I have to say the system provides a clean emmission.  But it is problematic with NOX sensors breaking down and various other adblue issues.  But if you keep it serviced and updated, its a good system and gets through some pollution charges (my G350 is still also 600GBP per year in tax though!)

I also don't know why the straight-6 G300 is cheaper.  I think tax is purely on the CO emissions, and I suppose the extra HP pushes the G350 into the higher bracket.  

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Re: Mercedes Diesel Claim

I too used to have a 1993 G300 petrol.  Turned in a regular 15 mpg

Recently bought a MB approved 2016 G350 with Adblue - and £600 VED!.  Returning about 21 mpg.

World of difference in the two cars though. After the G300 the new one is positively spritely.

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Re: Mercedes Diesel Claim

I have a manual ge300 from 1991, 19mpg, week in week out mixed driving, more on a long motorway run at steady speed, compared to 25mpg with a GD 300 older 5 cylinder type but the older car it would run on most kinds of fuel

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Re: Mercedes Diesel Claim

I've been bombarded with litigation offers, but my real concern is that when MB eventually tries to 'fix' any issues, the driving experience will be worse, and then I really will lose out. My brother's car (VW) was adversely impacted by the 'update' and he doesn't seem to be alone.